I absolutely love telling stories whether that is in front or behind the camera. Although I have not been at this very long, directing has allowed me to grow as a person and to harness my creative spirit. 

Infinitely More Important (Short Film)

David Timberland, a corporate man, has it all in the eyes of society: a job, a wife and young baby, a new house, and financial success. At face value, he possesses all of the things that make him a successful man, but deep down, he is bitter, arrogant, grandiose, and embodies superiority.

Upon receiving a trophy for achieving an incredible feat in his corporate career, he has a chance encounter with Spencer Mills, a thug teenager that is seen by society as the bottom of the barrel. As an addict, violent, purposeless teenager, Spencer is caught in a life of destruction, surrounded by negative influences.

What will be the result of two individuals at opposite ends of society colliding? 

The Crematorium Attendant's Tale Short Film

A Southern Gothic tale of redemption told against the backdrop of a Vampiric Horror Story.

“The film is also being produced across international borders – a cooperative project between the US and Australia and will be filmed on the Gold Coast in Queensland – a recent production hub – almost a second Hollywood. This will also be a break-out film for up-and-coming Horror Director, Debora Tamay, and for our Lead Actress, 13-year-old Olivia Mae Fuller who plays the Vampire, Claret.

The completed project will be presented, as budget allows, to Film Festivals in both the United States and Australia, and as a Proof Of Concept for an Anthology Series through Streaming Services.”

Infinitely More Important

An Independent Drama that follows the story of a family after an intense night outside their home involving vandals.

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