I absolutely love telling stories whether that is in front or behind the camera. I have directed short films and was hired by a novelist to turn a novel into a proof of concept teaser. I am working towards a feature film release in 2024. 

Devour'd (Short Film) (In Production)

Logline: A chef is trying to make it as a successful restaurant owner. She desperately wants to make a mark on the world in the restaurant business. She has tried over and over again, but doesn’t have the support system to fuel her wants and desires effectively. Everything changes when she gives it one more shot.

Infinitely More Important
(Short Film)

A successful man’s desire for perfection leads to a confrontation with a criminal teenager, with unexpected consequences that turn both of their lives upside down. As the man grapples with the repercussions of his actions, he is forced to confront the fragility of his own illusions and the true cost of his ambition, whilst the teenager is forced to reflect upon his life of recklessness. “Infinitely More Important” is a film that explores redemption and power dynamics.

The Crematorium Attendant's Tale (Proof of Concept)

Following a successful short film release with İnfinitely More İmportant, I was asked to direct a horror short film to bring the vision and original novel by Author Eugene McLean to life

A Southern Gothic tale of redemption told against the backdrop of a Vampiric Horror Story.

The Proof of Concept was designed to help the Author raise funding for an Anthology Series through Streaming Services.”

One Night Stand
(Short Film)

Jane Burt invites a particular type of guy home, from the outside, the red glow in her room speaks volumes of her creature of the night behaviour. But the house hosts secrets. What happens after the deed is done?

Filmed in just 5 hours entirely on a phone, edited and completed within 48 hours, and with a huge budget of $0, this little 4 minute film managed to turn some heads at SF3 and is currently being considered for more festivals. 

Infinitely More Important

An Independent Drama that follows the story of a family after an intense night outside their home involving vandals.

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