I absolutely love telling stories whether that is in front or behind the camera. Although I have not been at this very long, directing has allowed me to grow as a person and to harness my creative spirit. 

Infinitely More Important (Short Film)

David Timberland, a corporate man, has it all in the eyes of society: a job, a wife and young baby, a new house, and financial success. At face value, he possesses all of the things that make him a successful man, but deep down, he is bitter, arrogant, grandiose, and embodies superiority.

Upon receiving a trophy for achieving an incredible feat in his corporate career, he has a chance encounter with Spencer Mills, a thug teenager that is seen by society as the bottom of the barrel. As an addict, violent, purposeless teenager, Spencer is caught in a life of destruction, surrounded by negative influences.

What will be the result of two individuals at opposite ends of society colliding? 

The Crematorium Attendant's Tale (Short Film)

A Southern Gothic tale of redemption told against the backdrop of a Vampiric Horror Story.

“The film is also being produced across international borders – a cooperative project between the US and Australia and will be filmed on the Gold Coast in Queensland – a recent production hub – almost a second Hollywood. This will also be a break-out film for up-and-coming Horror Director, Debora Tamay, and for our Lead Actress, 13-year-old Olivia Mae Fuller who plays the Vampire, Claret.

The completed project will be presented, as budget allows, to Film Festivals in both the United States and Australia, and as a Proof Of Concept for an Anthology Series through Streaming Services.”

One Night Stand (Short Film)

Jane Burt invites a particular type of guy home, from the outside, the red glow in her room speaks volumes of her creature of the night behaviour. But the house hosts secrets. What happens after the deed is done?

Filmed in just 5 hours, edited and completed within 48 hours, and with a huge budget of $0, this little 4 minute film managed to turn some heads at SF3 and is currently being considered for more festivals. 

Infinitely More Important

An Independent Drama that follows the story of a family after an intense night outside their home involving vandals.

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