Infinitely More Important

An Independent Drama that follows the story of a family after an intense night outside their home involving vandals.
  • Directed by Debora Tamay
  • Written by Debora Tamay & Jaz Sebastian


A seemingly successful well respected and determined man driven by a desire to be the best he can be for his family and others has an encounter while on the edge of exhaustion. A restless night soon turns from agitation to confrontation resulting in heavy consequences all within the span of a moment. All it takes sometimes is one wrong move, one small seemingly trivial choice that can change not only the lives of all involved forever but cause a massive ripple effect with unforeseen outcomes, that has the possibility to change so many lives. One's end may equal another's beginning, the end of what one was could make way for the possibility of what one might become


David Timberland, a corporate man, has it all in the eyes of society: a job, a wife and young baby, a new house, and financial success. At face value, he possesses all of the things that make him a successful man, but deep down, he is bitter, arrogant, grandiose, and embodies superiority. Upon receiving a trophy for achieving an incredible feat in his corporate career, he has a chance encounter with Spencer Mills, a thug teenager that is seen by society as the bottom of the barrel. As an addict, violent, purposeless teenager, Spencer is caught in a life of destruction, surrounded by negative influences. David, unable to control his anger confronts the arrogant teenager, leading to a series of events that will change both of their lives for better or worse.

How It Began

What started as an idea created by Jaz Sebastian, quickly turned into a full production led by Debora Tamay. Have a look at the storyboard on the right to see how it all developed!

Behind the Scenes

Our amazing cast and crew were fantastic to work with, making each shooting day a pleasure. Infinitely More Important was filmed in just 4 days of filming, across 3 locations on the Gold Coast.



Jaz Sebastian

David Timberland

Liam Campbell

Spencer Mills

Sammy Johnston

Holly Timberland

Will Bergman


John Gilbert

Gary Edwards

Andries Venter

Gym Friend

Ruth M Greening

The Interviewer

Patrick Doyle

Homeless Man

Olivia Mae Fuller

Skater Girl

Tosh Croucher

Office Worker

Caitlin Williams

Office Worker

Danielle Collins

Office Worker


Debora Tamay

Director & Writer

Jaz Sebastian


David McKenna

Producer & Site Supervisor

Daniel Harkin

Director of Photography

Caroline Smalley


Hillary Chua

Camera Operator & Assistant Camera

Cody Vlaskamp


Andries Venter

Sound Recordist & Editor

Nathaniel David Kruse

Original Score

Special Thanks

Glaucia Cintra

John Gilbert

Andries Venter

Millo Hosseini

Marie Mann

Cathy U'Ren

Brittany Mann

Tyson Cleghorn

Ariel Reyes