Voice Over

As a bubbly person with lots of energy and with a friendly persona, my voice is naturally upbeat and positive. I have an American Accent and I am fluent in English, French and Turkish.


Need a voiceover for an audiobook, short story, explainer video, or other material that requires a natural voice? Debora can provide a natural read in a series of different accents, languages, and tones.

Character Reel

Looking for an actor that can do a range of different voices for your anime, video game, or film? Look no further! Debora has a large range in her vocal abilities that can suit a number of different projects.


Ranging from easy going, fun,  friendly, to motivational and inspirational, I can deliver high quality voice overs. With experience voicing for a number of tech and fashion brands, you’re in safe hands.

Latest Updates

Long Ago in the Near Future (Anime)

Long ago, in the near future is unlike anything published before. The story is a three-part following of a young lad learning an unknown and horribly dangerous magic called Perception. Not much is known about this mysterious understanding, only that all who study it, either go mad or vanish completely. 

A young man named Konotiru, or Konie for short, journeys to the Terrin college of science and magic. As his life progresses he gains more and more understandings of many forms of magic. He becomes powerful in multiple senses of the word and unfortunately begins to lose his mind.

What started as an anime project has now transformed into a fully funded VIDEO GAME. Absolutely excited to voice a number of different characters. 

Currently In Production: Project LG (Coming Soon)


Screen Acting


Need a voiceover?

Reach out and let's work together! I look forward to hearing all about your ideas, concepts, and projects.