Voice Over

As a bubbly person with lots of energy and with a friendly persona, my voice is naturally upbeat and positive. I have an American Accent and I am fluent in English, French and Turkish. 

Character Reel

Looking for an actor that can do a range of different voices for your anime, video game, or film? Look no further! Debora has a large range in her vocal abilities that can suit a number of different projects. With different accent abilities & languages, Debora can bring many characters to life. 


Ranging from easy going, fun,  friendly, to motivational and inspirational, I can deliver high quality voice overs. With experience voicing for a number of tech and fashion brands, you’re in safe hands.


Need a voiceover for an audiobook, short story, explainer video, or other material that requires a natural voice? Debora can provide a natural read in a series of different accents, languages, and tones.


Screen Acting


Need a voiceover?

Reach out and let's work together! I look forward to hearing all about your ideas, concepts, and projects.

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