Debora Tamay

Actor | Director | Voice Actor | Lawyer

Hi there! I’m a trained actor from Belgium originally, based in Australia. Some facts about me: 

  • I have a natural American Accent from attending an American school growing up. 
  • I am fluent in English, French, German, and Turkish.
  • I can perform in a range of accents and dialects (including American, French, Russian, British, Mid-Atlantic, etc).
  • I have been cast as a lead in a series of short films and performed in various feature films.
  • My favourite genres are Action, Horror, and Thriller.
  • I am always excited to undertake stunts, complete fight scenes, and take on more demanding roles that require weapons training or other physical skills.


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I absolutely love telling stories whether that is in front or behind the camera. I have directed short films and was hired by a novelist to turn a novel into a proof of concept teaser. I am working towards a feature film release in 2024. 

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